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Atwood's Tavern
Before you die there is something you should know about us, Lonestar...

We accept reservations of 8 or more for the inside space! Reservations for the patio are on a case by case basis. Both are available for larger group reservations (birthday parties, party parties (no populists, unless you're popular), corporate functions, subversive meetings, etc.)

We're an 85 capacity neighborhood restaurant/bar and music room featuring local and touring musicians. Our bookings are diverse with a strong emphasis on Roots, Blues, Americana, Folk and Rock.

We like locally brewed craft beer, and look to form partnerships and promote local breweries, so if you are one of the smaller players in the surrounding area, make yourself known!

Our Bottle list is a segment of what we have to offer, and is used as a means to lure you in, like a siren. And if you want access to some of our specialty cellared beers, the code word is "sombrero."

Please check our Facebook page At Woods, Beer Advocate, & Twitter feed (Atwoodstvrn) for more information about upcoming events!