Walter Sickert & The Army OF Broken Toys

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Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys is a musical alchemy, fingering the rabbit hole of performance art. With their toys and voices they create a Death-Folk texture-core Organic Industrial experience. Walter Sickert’s music has appeared on international and American radio as well as in independent films and on television, most recently featured on NH Chronicle and NPRs Open Mic.Combining the cello sweet melodies of bands like Rasputina and the bizarre hard-edged stage antics of Marilyn Manson with the man in black presence of Johnny Cash; Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken toys are a death folk ride in the mouth of the Kraken all the way to hell… and back in time for tea. The band formed out of the destruction of lives and compassions and annihilation of bands and homes; Walter Sickert and Edrie combined forces to spew phlegm from their bleeding hearts onto the stage and into your ears.Earning winks from Feathery Artsy types like: The Tiger Lillies, Ryan Obermeyer, Rasputina and Zoë Keating; the recently formed band storms stages and souls with their intensely theatrical but controlled chaos of harmony mixed with a palpable connection to the minds and spirits of the audience. Both Walter Sickert and Edrie have been performing on the New England scene for several years in various Electronic, Goth, Metal and Experimental bands and draw inspiration inside and out as well as support from local and national artists alike. This band formed out of the turmoil of loss when Walter and Edrie’s spouses went on a road trip together, never to return.Live performances range from fields of sound and stunning theatrical visuals to strip down intimate acoustic sets. Haunting valleys and violent forests make up the musical landscape about love, betrayal and heartbreak. Walter Sickert creates the ocean and fills it with squids and dolls, love and loss, hearts and broken dreams. This is music for anyone who has been broken.Their newest self-titled release has been garnering rave reviews from local and national sources and is available at, as well as iTunes and various other internet retailers and local record shops.