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Truth is based out of boston just like the rest of the bands. We don't like categories just like most everyone, but we tend to draw big crowds. People love our music so we keep on making it. If they didn't we would probably go back to our boring day jobs. We aren't typical musicans, we are in the process of being college educated in Sound Engineering. We are sick of corporate crap and pretty much sick of crappy underground music. We take the middle ground. Original rock/pop/funk that is above ground. We have a diverse fan base and hate the term mainstream. If you want some influences there is Incubus, Sublime, Jazz, STP, and umm well every kind of music you can think of (except bad country). We are professional and like to actually meet our fans instead of being jerks to them. Check us out and check out our web page. Thanks guys. Come to us for music you want to hear!