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For 3 years SHACKLE has been carving out a reputation as a fiercely powerful live band with energy, passion, and intense commitment to their audience. This band has the material and the grand stage presence to make them the next heavy hitters in today's heavy metal genre of music. This group of 5, hailing from Greenfield, Massachusetts, is breathing new life into metal musicianship with a unbelievable balance of brutal power and melody combined with anthem styled riffs that keeps audiences arriving in larger and larger numbers. This band brings their fans and first time listeners alike to a euphoric state of mind that is induced by the music, than knowingly the lyrics rips the listener back into the world of reality. Emerging from Greenfield, Massachusetts SHACKLE consists of 5 band members who are: - Josh Smith / Rhythm guitar , Back-up vocals - Eli Jacobs / Bass - John Gates / Lead guitar - Todd Ruggles / Drums - Chris Poudrier / Lead Vocals - Shackle has been taking the local scene by storm, selling out venues and maxing out fire code capacity limits in Massachusetts. It didn't take long before national acts were requesting SHACKLE as an opening act as they passed through Massechusetts. With performances including Ra, Joey Belladonna(Anthrax), Jani Lane(Warrent), Three Inches of Blood, Split Shift, Trauma Concept, and Haloburn. Shackle continues to headline many venues in Massachusetts. They won the last battle of the bands competition for a total of 3 wins in as many attempts. With no second place prizes awarded in these competitions it's obvious that Shackle has become a music force to be reckoned with. Shackle has received spins on Big Bang Music Explosion, and New Noise from WLZX - LAZER 99.3 Their fan base continues to grow outside the local scene. For Shackle it's time to move on to the next step and allow the people of the nation the opportunity to appreciate the sick sound of Shackle that all the local fans have come to know and love and make us what we are today. Their newest self-titled release is due to hit record store shelves early spring 2005. Shackle delivers the goods, the music pounds you and shakes you until you feel like you are going to explode with the joy of pure righteous rage. Shackle is determined to make a lasting mark in the metal scene, and everyone who walks away after a live performance realizes that potential. Bringing new musical elements has allowed Shackle to achieve a larger more dramatic sound. "EPIC" one of Shackle's newest releases has convinced even the most jaded metal fan that this group is everything but average.