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Lucubro, which is Roman-Latin for "to work at night" and is pronounced Loo-Coo-Bro, was formed in early January of 2001. Heath Thayer, bass; Jeff Provost, guitar; Steve Provost, drums; and Krista Van Guilder (former WarHorse singer and co-founder) on vocals & guitar were all veterans of the music scene, coming from doom, death metal and thrash backgrounds. Looking to do something different, the four created Lucubro. With a rather untimely resignation from his drumming duties in September of 2001, Steve left the band to pursue other interests.After a little over a month of searching, the band had a replacement which came in the form of an old friend and former band mate - Larry Murphy. "In Larry, we've found the dedication and the drumming skills we were looking for," states the band. The band describes their sound as heavy rock with a sludge-metal underlining. Melodic guitars, intricate bass voicings and solid drums provide the perfect backdrop to Krista's vocals. As for the vocal style itself, Krista opts for more singing with her wide vocal range exploding with passion. Songs attack the emotional side with lyrics that anyone who's been betrayed or had their heart broken can relate to. Lucubro is stepping up to the plate to stake it's claim in the heavy rock world. The band is currently promoting their self-released, self-titled debut EP and are actively booking shows in the New England area. Send all email correspondance to: