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By downhilldemon@***** more than 12 weeks ago

I saw them at this concert in honor of a kid who just died. They played soooo good. That bassist was all over the stage. He is the man. The guitarist was really good too. He could really shred. I just lately saw them at this acoustic show that only two of the guys put on together. They have some serious style. They are better than some local bands I have seen at local clubs. Prime materiel for the middle east or clubs like that.

By sexyjenny@***** more than 12 weeks ago

I went to one of their shows with my boyfriend at a church!!!of all places... I thought that the show was going to be really cool, cause that's what my boyfriend said... but they could hardly keep a beat! They were playing around the musical "concept" of everyone having a solo at the same time.It was the noisiest most incoherrent TRASH that I have ever heard!!! They couldn't even sell enough tickets to play at the Palladium in a battle of the bands no less...take my advice and stay away from these guys...