Good Trees River Band

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Hailing from the South Shore of Boston, MA, Good Trees River Band is a 5-piece psychedelic rock band spreading contagious experimental grooves across the Northeastern United States. Formed in high school in 2014 by Sam (guitar), Evan (drums), Stephen (guitar), and Gavin (vocals), GTRB developed their chops playing open mics, parties, and small gigs here and there. The summer of 2016 saw bassist Ned Brady join, completing the current lineup and sparking a run of original songwriting, which culminated with the release of the bands debut self-titled demo in early 2017. Since then, Good Trees have played approximately 100 shows in the past calendar year, developing a reputation as a sizzling live act prone to wild improvisation. Blending funk, fuzz rock, blues, spacey fusion jazz and even bluegrass influences into one instantly recognizable sound, GTRB are a band that simply must be seen to believe.